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Floreat Hangers

Our goal is to handle your orders promptly and know that our customers' needs are first and foremost, providing you with excellent service, as well as offering quality picture hooks and wall hangers that have often been imitated but never duplicated. We trust that once you have used our hangers you'll realize that our quality is #1.

Here's what The Boston Globe had to say about our Floreat picture hanger. The Picture-Perfect Invention - "The brass hanger cradles the nail, keeping it at the proper angle. The nail itself is thin, extremely sharp, made of tempered steel. These high quality nails are a must for minimal wall damage. The head of the nail is brass, to cushion the hammer taps, and the knurled sides make for easy extraction.There are many imitations, and other hangers that are less expensive will work, but you get what you pay for."

So, take a look around the site and get to know us better. We trust you won't be disappointed! Our German made Floreat picture hangers and knurled headed steel nails are second to none.

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